Adventures with a newborn

You will be told “it’s too soon”, “she is too little” or “it’s too far” – but we are telling you, just go!

There is never going to be the right time to take their first road trip. Or plane trip for that matter.

But the sooner you start, the easier it will be.

We first took our daughter, Siena, on a road trip when she was just 3 weeks old. In the days leading up to the trip, we felt just like you do now. Nervous. Concerned. Are we mad? How we will cope? What if she needs her nappy change? Do we even know where the next parents room is on the trip?

So many things rolling around in our head, but we were going. No looking back.

That first trip, we surely overpacked. Our car, a mid-size SUV, was full to the brim with every imaginable baby product – pram, nappy bag, spare nappy bag, bassinet, baby clothes, baby monitor….you get the idea. We were super organised! Even The Wiggles CD as well, though the jury is still out if that actually helped!

Heading north, Siena did not wake until we stopped for a coffee mid-morning. So far so good, she had not stirred in the first two hours. Feeling pleased with ourselves, we finished our coffee and headed back out onto the highway. With the gentle rocking motion of the car, Siena slept soundly for another two hours and no Wake Up Lachy required!

As parents, we thought it was a fluke! How could she sleep all morning for over 4 hours in a car? Family and friends had told us all week, that it will take you twice as long – no way, can a baby travel that far without being restless.

Babies are more resilient then we realise.

Every baby is different and we think you need to do what is comfortable for you all. But this first road trip gave us a confidence to plan our next big adventure, Queensland.

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