Seems like we are having a very long summer, and with winter only a few sleeps away, Melbourne is still experiencing mild days.

So with much excitement, we are looking forward to our next trip to Queensland. For the past few years, we have taken a mid year break on the Sunshine Coast and this year will be no different.

Admittedly, we could fly to the Sunshine Coast in just over two hours but we much prefer the adventure of a road trip. Our first road trip we managed to do it with one overnight stopover in Dubbo, and little over 21 hours total driving time. That was probably the first and last time we will do that, as we were so focused on getting to Noosa, the journey was secondary.

Stunning outback sunrises just outside your window

Appreciating the journey a little more last year, we took the Hume Freeway (M31) to Yass for our first night’s stay then onwards to Taree on the Pacific Highway (M1) before arriving for our last night on the Gold Coast. This was a more scenic route once you left Sydney as the Pacific Highway hugged the eastern coast to the Gold Coast. We took the 4 days to cruise to Noosa, and it was a great adventure for our daughter and her grandparents who joined us.

“Life was meant for good friends and great adventures”

We love how the landscape changes through your window. One minute you can be looking at old aged forests; the next fishing boats with the day’s catch cruising into a harbour. You meet some great locals on the way, who gave us the tip for the evening’s meal – including some great authentic Chinese at Taree Leagues Sports Club.

Australia’s Newell Highway takes your through the centre of New South Wales

This year we will take the inland route via the Newell Highway (A39) and spread the trip over  3 days with overnight breaks in Parkes and Goondiwindi.  The Newell is popular and quickest route to Queensland for commercial trucks and holidaymakers. It’s not a challenging drive, but you do need to keep your wits about you for the ever present kangaroo!

The more road trips we take; the more kilometres we click over; continues to prepare us for our bucket list trip of hitting the open road with both a toddler and camper in tow!

Share with us your favourite road trip….

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